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什么影响 你的信用评分?

2021年9月20日 6 mins

了解你的信用评分很重要, 如何检查, and how to maintain a good credit score and credit history.

You may know that credit scores typically range from 300 to 850, and you may have some idea of the habits that will get you a better score. 但你知道最重要的两个因素是什么吗? Keep reading to find out – along with what to do to maximize your score in those areas, 还有其他因素是什么.

您还可以了解更多的基础知识,包括 什么是信用评分 以及如何免费查看你的分数.

FICO和vantagscore, 信用评分的两个最常见的来源, both indicate that your payment history 最重要的因素是什么 in your overall score.”

您的付款记录 最重要的因素是什么 你的信用评分

When you pay your bills and loans on time – including by making the minimum payment or paying your balance in full – 你的信用评分 goes up. When you don’t pay on time or when you pay less than the minimum payment, it goes down. FICO和vantagscore, 信用评分的两个最常见的来源, both indicate that your payment history 最重要的因素是什么 in your overall score.

最大化你的分数 支付账单

Pay all your bills on time, and pay at least the minimum balance. The less you pay (below the minimum) and the later you pay, the more your score will go down.

To pay your bills on time, mark your calendar with a reminder. 使用网上银行或 Bill Pay 设置经常性付款. Ask your creditor if they will change your due date so it matches when you get your paycheck. Many banks and credit unions also set up the ability to have your credit card automatically paid in full each month out of your checking account – even an account at a different institution.

您使用的信用额度 第二重要的是什么

称为“信用利用”,” the amount of your available credit that you actually use 第二重要的是什么 factor 在你的分数里, 根据FICO和VantageScore的数据. 简而言之, your credit utilization is the percentage of your credit limit that you use at any one time.

例如, if your total credit limit across your credit cards and other loan accounts was $12,你有总共4美元的未付余额,000, 你的信用利用率是33%. In this example, the utilization of 33% is slightly higher than the recommended maximum of 30%.

如何使你的分数最大化 限制你的利用率

Use no more than 30% of your available credit at any one time. 密切关注你所欠的总余额, 通过短信或电子邮件设置自动余额提醒, or making extra payments before your due date are all ways to stay under 30%.

其他四个因素 在你的分数里

还有其他一些因素也会影响你的分数, 这些都是值得关注的, but they don’t affect your score nearly as much as the main two factors.

Your 所欠债务总额

欠债总额会影响你的分数, and your score will be better if your total debt – especially for unsecured loans like credit cards – is going down over time.

The 时间长度 自从你上次申请债务以来

每次你申请贷款或信用卡的时候, this creates a “hard inquiry” on your credit report – which lowers your score by several points. Over time, these inquiries fall off, and other factors may raise your score again. In general, it’s not a good idea to apply for too many new loans too close together.

时间的长短 贷款账户已经开通

The longer your loan and credit card accounts have been open, the better your score. That’s why it’s often a good idea to keep old accounts open unless there’s some good reason to close them, such as a temptation to overspend using that account or a very high annual fee.

Your 信贷组合

Typically, it’s best to have a mix of credit types – including accounts with a fixed number of payments (like car loans and mortgages) along with accounts with variable payments like credit cards.

什么不会影响 你的信用评分

并不是所有的金融行为都会影响你的信用评分. Here’s some things that won’t affect your score (although some of these may appear on your credit report and/or be available to companies that check your credit):

  • 软信贷检查 -软性询问, 也被称为软信贷检查或软信贷拉动, 当你查看自己的信用报告时, 或者你授权的人, 像一个潜在的雇主, checks it. 软信贷检查 also happen when financial institutions check your credit to preapprove you for a loan offer. Because they are not tied to a specific application for credit, 软信用检查不会影响你的信用评分.
  • 检查自己的分数 – As noted above, viewing your own credit report won’t affect your score. Depending on the source, your credit report may or may not include 你的信用评分. 无论如何, whether you’re checking your own report or your own score or both, , 这不会影响你的分数.
  • Rent -在大多数情况下, your rent payments and your utility payments are not reported to the credit bureaus, 所以它们不计入你的分数. The exception is if you use a rent-reporting service or if you are late on utility payments. The utility company may charge it off or sell it to a collector, who can report it to the credit bureaus and hurt your score. 一些新产品, 比如Experian Boost, allow you to add utility payment information to your Experian credit report, 哪些会影响你的信用. Income and bank balances: Credit reports do include some employer information, 但它只用于将账户数据与
  • 效用支付 – Typically, utility payments are not reported to credit bureaus, so they do not affect your score. However, 如果你迟交或根本不交水电费, 这可能会影响你的分数, especially if the utility company charges off the debt or sells it to a collector. Debt collectors can report this to the credit bureaus and hurt your score.
  • 你的收入 – While creditors may consider your income to determine if you can pay back a loan, 这并不会影响你的信用评分. And while credit reports may include some information about your current job and/or job history, this is typically used to match the account to the right person. Therefore, getting a raise or a second job to supplement your income won’t increase your score.
  • 你的支票、储蓄和投资账户余额 – Since credit reports list only credit accounts — not checking, savings, or investment accounts — your balances there won’t help your score. However, 这些可能仍是贷款机构关注的因素, 特别是对于像抵押贷款这样的大额贷款.


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