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What to Know Before Buying an Electric Car

May 24, 2023 7 mins

随着汽车制造商向消费者推出更多的电动汽车(EV)选择, 你可能对把汽油车换成电动车感兴趣. 现在是购买的好时机. 更多的电动汽车车型可供选择, 它们的范围在不断扩大, and government incentives make electric cars more affordable than ever.


你可以找到各种价位的电动汽车, ranging from budget-friendly compact hatchbacks to higher-priced electric cars, crossovers, suv,甚至是皮卡.”

How to choose an electric car

EVs now come in a range of models, from small hatchbacks to luxury SUVs. 选择一个适合你的取决于多种因素. 以下是购买电动汽车时需要考虑的问题:

1. How much range do you need?

If you travel shorter distances and have access to an EV charging station at your destination, 全电动汽车对你来说可能是个不错的选择. 如果你开车很长一段距离,或者电动汽车充电器的使用有限, other options — such as a hybrid or gas-powered vehicle — may be the right choice for the next few years.

2. How much room do you need?

You’ll find fewer options if you’re looking for an EV that seats up to seven passengers comfortably with room for groceries and gear. 一旦汽车制造商推出更多全尺寸电动卡车, you’ll start to see more spacious electric SUVs on the market at more affordable prices.

3. Where will you charge?

你需要一个地方给你的电动车充电. You may choose to power up at home, or at work if your employer offers charging stations. Public chargers are also available in many communities, but access may be limited to the free ones.

4. What kind of performance do you expect?

Before going electric, bear in mind that electric cars don’t perform the same as traditional vehicles. EVs handle a lot like gas-powered vehicles, but they don’t accelerate the same. 而燃气马达需要一些时间才能达到最大功率, electric cars can reach their peak as soon as you step on the accelerator pedal. 一些电动汽车还具有“单踏板驾驶”的特点,” in which removing your foot from the accelerator pedal is similar to pressing the brakes.

5. What’s your budget?

你可以找到各种价位的电动汽车, ranging from budget-friendly compact hatchbacks to higher-priced electric cars, crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks. If you need more room, greater travel distance and high-end performance, you’ll need a bigger budget.

Are electric cars worth the money?

Years ago, EVs were significantly more expensive than their gas-powered counterparts, 但由于竞争,许多制造商降低了价格. 《太阳集团平台》包括电动汽车税收抵免. 2023款日产Leaf S起售价不到30美元,000, making it the lowest cost non-discontinued electric vehicle for sale in the US as of mid-2023.

That said, 远程电动suv, 皮卡和豪华轿车的价格可能超过100美元,000 today, but experts predict their prices will come down as more models enter the market.

How much does it cost to maintain an EV vs. a gas-powered vehicle?

In general, it’s cheaper to maintain an electric car than a gas vehicle. 你不必担心换油, spark plugs, drive belts, 或者传输服务, and most service visits are as simple as an inspection and tire rotation.

如果你想要更长的行驶里程或更快的充电, 计划在家里投资一个二级充电站, 尤其是当你在工作中没有手机的时候.”

How does charging an EV work?


  • 一级充电站

每辆新电动汽车都配有1级充电器, 如果你的通勤时间很短,哪一种更好, a plug-in hybrid, 或者在工作时使用充电站, 或者你是否可以在晚上给电动汽车充电超过8小时.

  • 二级充电站

如果你想要更长的行驶里程或更快的充电, plan to invest in a Level 2 charging station. These 240-volt chargers are four times faster and provide 13 to 25 miles of power per hour of charge, according to PG&E. They cost $500 to $700 and require a professional to install the outlet on a dedicated circuit in your home. There are more than 45,在全国范围内提供了000个公共二级充电站, many of them free. 如果你不在家里充电, you’ll want to be sure you have access to a Level 2 station that’s reliable and readily available — and that you have time to use it. 一些雇主也为员工提供这种收费方式.

  • 直流快速充电站

If you’re looking to power up in a hurry, look for a DC or Level 3 fast-charging station. 他们会在10到30分钟内充满你的电动汽车, but it will cost you — sometimes as much as filling up the tank of a gas car.

There are many apps and websites to help find a charging station near you.

What’s the typical range of an electric car?

You can expect most EVs on the market today — including subcompact SUVs, high-performance sedans, 还有跨界车,一次充电可以行驶250英里左右. Some longer-range models can travel more than 350 miles on a single charge, 但这些电动汽车的价格要高得多.

At the lower end, 一些电动汽车和suv的行驶里程在100英里左右, 哪种方法适合大多数家庭. 根据环境保护署(EPA), 85%的美国家庭每天的出行里程不足100英里.

如今,大多数电动汽车的行驶里程为250英里. 低端车型充一次电可能只能跑100英里, while higher-end EVs may be able to go more than 350 miles without charging.”

What are the environmental benefits of owning an EV?

与制造业相关的温室气体排放, charging and driving an electric vehicle are typically lower than the total greenhouse gas emissions from a gasoline car, the EPA says. Essentially, the benefits of electric charging — especially as the country invests in more wind and solar power — negate many of the emissions created by the production process.

Over time, we can expect to see environmental impact decline as manufacturing and EV battery recycling processes continue to improve.

In California, PG&E offers rebate programs for customers to buy pre-owned EVs and to install 二级充电站 at home.”

What 有奖励措施 for EV buyers?

通过2022年的通货膨胀削减法案, the federal government offers tax credit options for new and used electric car buyers. Dealers may apply the credit as an instant rebate at the time of purchase; alternatively, 你可以在报税时申报.

  • 清洁车辆税收抵免: 如果您在2023年或之后购买新的插电式电动汽车, 您可能有资格获得高达7美元的清洁车辆税收抵免,500.
  • 二手清洁车辆税收抵免: Starting January 1, 2023, if you buy a qualified used electric vehicle from a licensed dealer for $25,000 or less, 你可能有资格获得最高4美元的信用额度,000.

The State of California also offers incentives for EV buyers, including the following:

  • 高载客量车辆(HOV)及高载客量通行费(HOT)豁免: Certain electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with a California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Clean Air Vehicle sticker may use HOV lanes regardless of the number of occupants in the vehicle.
  • 清洁车辆返利计划: 某些买家有资格获得高达2美元的回扣,购买或租赁合格的电动汽车.
  • Clean Cars for All: 湾区质量管理区提供高达9美元的赠款,500 to eligible residents to replace a vehicle with an electric-powered vehicle, and up to $2,购买和安装二级充电站的费用.
  • 清洁车辆援助计划: 加州空气资源委员会提供最高5美元的补助,000 to income-qualifying individuals for the purchase or lease of new or pre-owned EV or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.1

Some electric utilities offer rebate programs to help customers buy electric cars and install home charging stations. In California, PG&E offers:

  • Pre-owned EV rebates: Residential customers can receive a rebate of $1,000 for the purchase of a pre-owned EV.
  • 电动汽车充电站优惠: Residential customers can receive rebates of up to $500 for a Level 2 charging station and $2,000 for electric panel upgrades necessary to support the EV charging station.1

How can I finance an electric car?

购买或租赁电动汽车很像 buying a car你会想知道你能负担得起什么, check your credit score, negotiate the best price, and be prepared to insure and register your electric vehicle. It’s also a good idea to research EV incentives so you know what you might qualify for.

最后,你需要为你的电动汽车融资. 帕特尔科提供汽车购物工具和有竞争力的固定利率 auto loans 帮助您轻松找到并资助您的电动汽车. To get started, check your rate online.

1 According to as of May 1, 2023.


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